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#15 Stress & Energy Michael O’Connor

Michael O’Connor has worked in functional medicine for 6 years focusing on stress, cardiometabolic disease, gastrointestinal issues, and autoimmune disease.

Throughout the years, diseases have become more complex than ever which makes it exciting working with practitioners all over the Carolinas to help get patients better.


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#14 Healing Constant Ear Infections without Medication Sarah H Stephens

In this new episode of the No More Meds Podcast Sarah Stephens will be sharing Austin her daughter’s story.

When Austin was 9 months old she had constant ear infections and with many visits to the pediatrician and antibiotic treatments, she was not seeing any improvement in her daughter’s health and was looking for a solution that would work.

She was recommended to Dr. Weaver’s office by a friend. Listen to how Dr. Weaver was able to treat and heal her daughter’s ear infections without the use of medication. 


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#13 Thyroid Issues Amanda Moak

Amanda’s Story

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 18 years ago while in the hospital for a bad auto accident. I have been on a mission the last few years trying to get my life back the way it was before my diagnosis and accident.

I was in a constant state of exhaustion due to my thyroid issues. I also had a good amount of hip, back and tailbone discomfort from a previous auto accident. I also dealt with stomach discomfort from food allergies and a lack of proper supplementation. 

I saw a traditional doctor for years regarding my thyroid disease and they did nothing but keep me on medication and tell me that I needed to get used to this new normal of always being tired. Several years ago I started seeing an integrative health doctor who helped me get on a path to healthier living which included putting me on a more natural version of thyroid medication.

My husband was a patient first with Dr. Corinne Weaver and I saw first hand the personal care he received. I was very impressed by that. I was also very interested in chiropractic and how it might help with the injuries I sustained in an auto accident. I was also interested in supplementation and how that might work alongside my thyroid disease to help me to feel better. I also love that her office offers thermography. I am at the age where mammograms are recommended and I love having this healthier option. 

After being under Dr. Weaver’s care I feel amazing. My energy level has improved and my body no longer aches. Before seeing Dr. Weaver I got sick often. I had colds regularly. I have rarely been sick since receiving treatment and my immune system is so much stronger. 

I eat organic, gluten and dairy free. I filter my drinking and shower water. I take my vitamins. I try to live as stress free as possible. I make my own homemade cleaning products and try to live as chemical free as possible. I also enjoy walking and riding my bike with my husband and using our sauna.

I am empowered to continue living healthier by the results I have seen. I don’t want to go back to feeling sluggish, tired and aching. Following Dr. Weaver’s treatment plan has put me on a great track to living a long and healthy life.


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#12 Infertility to Pregnancy – Lindsay Norton

In this Podcast episode, Lindsay Norton shares her infertility story. She tried different medications to start her menstrual cycle and none of the meds worked. 

She was recommended by her mom and dad who saw Dr. Corinne Weaver for their health needs. 

Dr. Weaver started her on a healthy diet and she began feeling better with her energy and sleep. She realized stress was damaging her body, so she took the steps to slow down and BREATHE!!

After changing her diet and lifestyle she still was not able to get pregnant. Dr. Weaver then recommended upper cervical chiropractic care. Soon after chiropractic care she got pregnant and now has a beautiful daughter. She knows God healed her and now she has her little miracle baby!! 

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#11 From Skeptic to Believer of Chiropractic Care Mandy Van-Wingerden

Mandy & Mike have 4 children that were all sick with a respiratory illness, all of them were on breathing treatments that were loaded with steroids, antibiotics, and a bunch of other drugs. 


She was recommended by a friend of hers to look into Chiropractic Care but she dismissed it not believing it would work. 


When she was nursing her 6 week old daughter while giving her breathing treatment she looked at her husband and said there has to be a better way.


In this podcast Mandy & Mike share their story on how they went from being skeptics of chiropractic care to how it completely changed the health and well being of their family. 

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#10 ADHD Solutions with Janell Adams

I started my career in Accounting but decided early to pursue dreams of becoming a teacher. I hold a BS in Business from UNCC, Master of Education in Instructional Technology from Lesley University, and most recently completed her Masters of Education in School Leadership from Gardner-Webb. I am certified in Math 6-9, Instructional Technology, and School Administration. I have been in education for over 10 years holding a variety of positions. Holding positions such as Middle and High School Teacher, 21st Century Grant Coordinator, Senior Learning Analyst, and Dean of Students. I have taught middle and high school math for 8 years, developed Middle Grades Math Curriculum, and used data to design curriculum programs for college. I am native of the Charlotte area and still resides in Union County with her daughter. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, spending time with family and friends, and a good workout.

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at 6 and I didn’t want a drug (with many side effects) to be the only option.

In the beginning it was very difficult, there where lots of fears and tears (still are some days). My 4-year-old daughter grinded her teeth when she slept. My 4-year-old daughter stated, “she wasn’t good at school.” There where extreme mood swings, a lack of academic confidence.

The staff at Upper Cervical from the front office staff making my daughter feel welcomed and Dr. Sarah knowledge. What seemed to a daunting task and filled with anxiety (my daughter) was quickly eased by the staff.

Within weeks my daughter was sleeping better, temper tantrum had lessened and my first grader seemed to be less stressed.

One thing that has surprised me is my daughter’s allergies and asthma are night and day from a year ago. Neurofeedback has been a game-changer for our family. As I reflect back on the past year tears are coming to my eyes we are so blessed to have been referred to UCWC. My daughter is asking when are we going back, I enjoyed it.

Upper Cervical Wellness Center, Neurofeedback has been a game-changer for our family. The knowledge and compassion that all the staff has at UCWC has truly taken my breath away.



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Dr. Weaver enthusiastically discovered her calling to help others heal and has since assisted many thousands of people to achieve better health without drugs or surgery. In recent years, she’s reaching out beyond her successful private practice, as an international best-selling author, speaker, and brand-new podcast host because she is on fire to share empowering knowledge of how to be healthy naturally with people all over the world so that they require No More Meds!

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