COVID-19: Our team has implemented changes to be compliant with CDC guidelines and are currently making/keeping appointments to see patients who are not running a fever, do not have a dry cough, and are not suspected to be infected. As we continue to follow our state board as to the role of chiropractors in the current pandemic, keeping safety of our patients and staff top priority, we thank you for understanding this is subject to change.
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#22 Rescue Your Childs Heath Dr. Nelli Gluzman


Dr. Nelli Gluzman program – Rescue Your Child’s Health

Dr. Gluzman utilizes a holistic, functional, and integrative approach to medicine. This approach is one that focuses on the root cause of soft signs and ‘dis-ease’ in children, which can almost always be traced back to gut health and nutrition.

In her experience, focusing on a whole-body approach allows for the reversal of a wide range of symptoms and the elimination of long-term conditions.

When treatment starts with the microbiome, you begin to see how many functions and systems of the body are heavily affected by what we eat. As the age-old saying goes…” You ARE what you eat.”

“Doctor Mom”, as her patients have fondly nicknamed her, is dedicated to helping each child live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives; free from the dis-ease caused by an imbalanced gut. Through her work with the sickest children in the hospitals of NYC as well as running her own practice,

Dr. Gluzman has spent a decade passionately dedicated to helping thousands of families rescue and nurture their children’s health.

She forms a strong partnership with each family she treats and creates a customized path to healing for each family as a whole. Her work to repair and heal the microbiome is achieved through individualized treatment plans as well as her master class offering. When it comes to treatment, all the factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration; including the body, mind, spirit, and community.

This allows for whole-body healing and prevention of future disease and illness.


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#21 The Addicted Child Richard Capriola

“The Addicted Child” is a parent’s guide to adolescent substance abuse. In Non-technical language parents learn how to identify and find treatment programs for their child. Brief chapters explain substances being used by today’s adolescents and the process addictions which accompany substance abuse, like self-harm and eating disorders.

Parents will learn from Richard Capriola, a mental health and addictions counselor, the importance of comprehensive assessments – and what to look for in a counselor to know you’re getting the right help.


You can purchase the book here –

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No More FOMO Brittany Baker

Brittany Baker is a former lawyer who has turned into a full-time baker. She Juggles being an entrepreneur (and wearing all hats at FOMO) while taking care of her toddler daughter (and due with another daughter in December). Equipped with a brand new and state of the art allergen free kitchen, Brittany is passionate about making an impact in the food industry by creating direct to consumer fresh baked treats that no one has to have FOMO about.


Nomoremeds15 for 15% off or if they give email they can get 20% off using this link

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#17 The Truth of Trauma Hayley Woodgate

Growing up Hayley enjoyed the endeavors of modeling, doing catwalk shows in Sutton Surrey for Global Brands such as Next. After this she spent several years battling with her own mental and physical health, she embarked on the path of spiritual healing, which led her to enroll to become an accredited spirituality life coach and author in which she is currently still in training, during this time she has also gained a diploma in the Divine Feminine to dig deeper into the generational lineage of cycles and patterns of women as well as gaining accredited training on domestic and sexual violence with federal organization women’s aid to continue to support her mission.

She is now working on her first book to unveil the truth of trauma to help other women as well as working on setting up a foundation to support other trauma warriors in healing organically, paving the way for a new generation, this has always been her greatest dream which you can now look forward to in the year coming of 2020.

Hayley Woodgate website -

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Dr. Weaver enthusiastically discovered her calling to help others heal and has since assisted many thousands of people to achieve better health without drugs or surgery. In recent years, she’s reaching out beyond her successful private practice, as an international best-selling author, speaker, and brand-new podcast host because she is on fire to share empowering knowledge of how to be healthy naturally with people all over the world so that they require No More Meds!

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