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#12 Infertility to Pregnancy - Lindsay Norton - Dr. Corinne Weaver | Wellness Center

#12 Infertility to Pregnancy – Lindsay Norton

In this Podcast episode, Lindsay Norton shares her infertility story. She tried different medications to start her menstrual cycle and none of the meds worked. 

She was recommended by her mom and dad who saw Dr. Corinne Weaver for their health needs. 

Dr. Weaver started her on a healthy diet and she began feeling better with her energy and sleep. She realized stress was damaging her body, so she took the steps to slow down and BREATHE!!

After changing her diet and lifestyle she still was not able to get pregnant. Dr. Weaver then recommended upper cervical chiropractic care. Soon after chiropractic care she got pregnant and now has a beautiful daughter. She knows God healed her and now she has her little miracle baby!! 

Check out this episode!

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