How I Can Help You

Achieve your health goals with my Wellness U program tailored to improve your quality of life.

Personalized Integrative Health Care Plan

Expert Guidance with Superior Health Care

My complete six month program is designed for people who may be suffering from chronic disease or autoimmune disorders who want to regain their health by actively participating in their own healing.

Medical treatment is not a one size fits all. We all have unique characteristics – both in our personalities and our genetics – that would be better served with a personalized integrative health care plan starting with complete diagnostic tests and treatment options.

My highly personalized disease prevention and integrative approach gets better results over conventional methods showing significant overall improvements in your health. That’s why my focus for improving your health covers everything from lifestyle, nutrition education, stress reduction and physical exercise to improve the function of your whole body.

Wellness U Program

Educational Classes and Support

Wellness is a “whole person” lifetime approach. I’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to make the right choices for achieving your optimal health goals to stay healthy for years to come.

Our Wellness U education program is designed to give you and your family personalized training and easy access to the latest information on health and wellness in order to make the healthier lifestyle choices. This includes learning about nutrition, how to shop, healthy cooking, physical activity, stress reduction, alternative medicine treatments, and much more.

Your wellness program will be tailored to focus on your unique needs. In addition to educational classes, detailed materials and daily email support, you’ll receive one-on-one sessions with my Certified Wellness Coach and my Master Herbalist.

Why Let Chronic Illness Take Control of Your Life?

I am Here to Equip You with the Right Tools That Will Help You Take Ownership of Your Health Today

Helping families make healthier food choices.

Making healthy food choices means taking a close look at your current eating habits and making small changes that can add up to new habits and better choices.

Learn to shop healthy and organic on a tight budget!

A key step for staying healthy, losing weight and, keeping the weight off is learning how to shop for the right foods at your grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

Feel lighter, energized and more vital than ever.

Properly eliminating toxic substances from your body and our living environment enhances virtually every facet of your life for improving your overall health.

How to cook simple, nutritious meals for every day.

Getting you started with some important principles in healthy cooking, my team will teach you simple ways to make everyday meals tastier and more nutritious.

Nature's way of providing support for your health.

Since ancient times, the use of herbs as medicine has been used by many different cultures throughout the world to treat illness and assist bodily functions.

Track your meals and exercise routines.

Our diet and fitness tracking app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices to help you fully utilize your phone to reach your health and fitness goals.