About My Practice

Working to heal your body naturally is what makes us your best choice for complete pain relief and wellness care.

An Integrative Approach Requires A Great Team…

You will enjoy working together with my professional team! Here they are...

Dr. Corinne Weaver

Doctor and Clinic Director

Dr. Lisa Plesa

Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Ann Berryman

RN, BSN, Master Herbalist

Adora Zachary

Certified Wellness Coach, CCCA, Neurofeedback Tech

Diagnostic Testing Services

I offer broad range of diagnostic testing tools and services through my office.

Detailed Health Assessment
Blood Chemistry Analysis
Digestive Stool Analysis
Bioelectrical Empedence Analysis
Expanded Hormone Panel
Brain Wave Mapping
Hair Elements Specimen

Are you suffering from inflammation, chronic pain, weight gain, mood changes, insomnia, depression, stress?

I Am Here to Help You!